• Salaries, health, education and other benefits including childcare
  • Chair: TBD


Committee on Cause

  • Academic integrity, disciplinary issues, resolve disputes between and among faculty and administrators
  • The Committee on Cause is selected annually by the Faculty Senate and consists of seven faculty members.
  • Chair: Charlotte Crane,

Educational Affairs

  • Broad scope of education, resources for undergraduate education/research training, intercollegiate athletics and its role in education, use of adjuncts to teach undergraduate courses, the proliferation of professional masters programs, on-line teaching
  • Chair: Michele M McDonough,

Faculty Handbook

  • Established December 4, 2013 (was Special Committee only previous to this)
  • Keep faculty handbook current - making revisions on an ongoing basis
  • Chair: Lois Deming Hedman,

Faculty Rights and Responsibilities


  • Establish and revise senate rules, propose changes to bylaws, develop bylaws and rules for the Faculty Appeals Panel
  • Chair: Carol Simpson Stern,

Non-tenure Eligible

  • The Non-tenure-eligible (NTE) Committee identifies and addresses issues related to non-tenure-track faculty, and works on these issues in committee, as well as with other committees, administrators, et al. Examples of such issues include NTE faculty salary data, promotion pathways, inclusion in the University Faculty Handbook, etc.
  • Chair: Heather L Colburn,

Research Affairs

  • Handle concerns about IRB, relations with other educational and research institutions
  • Chair: Andre Luiz De Gouvea,

Secure Faculty Survey

Social Responsibility

Executive Committee

  • Staff committees, periodically meet with central administration, approve substitute members and substitute chairs (in cases of illness or faculty leaves of absence), function as a rapid-reaction Senate
  • Consists of Senate President, Vice President, Past President and all chairs of standing committees
  • Chair: Senate President Edward F X Hughes,


Special Committee on Faculty Salary and Benefits

  • Established February 5, 2014
  • Among the issues it may address are: national standing of NU compensation levels at every rank; current system for awarding wage increases; over-emphasis on outside offers as a basis for salary raises and consideration of alternative procedures; apparent decline in value of benefits; equity and fairness of current benefit system; and mediated relationship between endowment income and salary and benefit levels.
  • Upon completion of its review, the committee will write a succinct report and make recommendations to the Senate.
  • Consists of representatives from the Budget, Benefits and Non-Tenured faculty committees (membership chosen by the committees themselves) and at least one senior NU administrator. The Senate Chair will serve ex officio.
  • Chair: Michael Schmitt -

Special Committee on Climate Change and the Anthropocene

  • Established February 5, 2014
  • Committee will consider the most effective ways to coordinate and strengthen Northwestern’s effort related to climate change and the Anthropocene.
  • In coordination with existing centers and programs, the new Center would coordinate research and teaching in the following areas (among others): the science of climate change; climate policy and national education; ecology and biodiversity; water systems (droughts, floods, and water wars); alternative fuels; transition to more sustainable plant-based diets; soil erosion and depletion; deforestation; species extinction; and zoonotic diseases.
  • Upon completion of its evaluation, the committee will write a succinct report and make a recommendation to the Senate.
  • The committee will include representatives from the Educational Affairs, Research, and Social Responsibility committees (membership chosen by the committees themselves) and at least one senior NU administrator. The Senate Chair will serve ex officio.
  • Contact: Rob Whittier -