• A faculty member speaking during a senate meeting
  • Faculty Senate President Eisenman leading the meeting
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  • A faculty member speaking duing a senate meeting
  • A faculty member speaking during a senate meeting

“...sound governance practice and the exercise of academic freedom are closely connected, arguably inextricably linked. While no governance system can serve to guarantee that academic freedom will always prevail, an inadequate governance system—one in which the faculty is not accorded primacy in academic matters—compromises the conditions in which academic freedom is likely to thrive. Similarly, although academic freedom is not a sufficient condition, it is an essential one for effective governance." "On the Relationship of Faculty Governance and Academic Freedom.", AAUP Statement, May, 1994.

What is the Faculty Senate?

The Faculty Senate is the elected and representative boldy of the faculty and includes one representative from every department and one non-tenure track representative from eah school. It considers, makes recommendations, and passes resolutions concerning matters of general university interest, including:

  • Educational and research endeavors
  • Hiring policy
  • Tenure and promotion system
  • Campus life


Report on COIA to Northwestern University Faculty Senate

Jeanne Weiland Herrick, COIA Representative, March 2015

Introduction: Faculty Senate President Stephen Eisenman and I attended the Annual Meeting of the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA), held the weekend of February 20-22 in San Diego; approximately 42 of the 63 member schools were represented at this meeting. This report reviews some background on COIA: what it is, how and why it was founded, where it is today, and its plans for the immediate future. I conclude with a couple of observations and recommendations.......COIA full report.

Motions and resolutions adopted on April 1, 2015

1. The Handbook Committee recommends approval of the proposed Handbook update and revised operating guidelines for the Faculty Appeals Panel. Faculty Handbook (listed on the Office of the Provost site)

2. The senate expresses general support for the proposal creating an Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing. Read the ASG proposal 

3. Bottled Water-Free Resolution: Whereas, it is part of the University’s mission to “Contribute to the solutions for renewable energy and a sustainable environment and to how public policies and economic incentives promote implementation of new technologies and practices” (Northwestern University Strategic Plan 2011). Read the full Bottled Water-Free Resolution

4. NTE Committee Resolution regarding evaluation of NTE faculty

Whereas the faculty of Northwestern University includes scholars, scientists, lawyers, doctors, and artists who serve in non-tenure-eligible, full-time, part-time, and adjunct positions;

Whereas those faculty members contribute in meaningful ways to the success of the University community and its mission to educate Northwestern University students;

Whereas effective, complete, and transparent professional evaluation of all faculty members is integral to ensuring the University’s success in its educational mission;

Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate encourages faculty and administrators from all University departments, schools and the Central Administration to clarify evaluation criteria and procedures of non-tenure-eligible faculty for the purpose of their continued employment, promotion, and compensation;

Be it further resolved that leadership within all University departments, schools and the Central Administration should clarify promotion pathways that are available to non-tenure-eligible faculty.

All 2014-15 resolutions can be found on the Resolutions and Motions page.