• A faculty member speaking during a senate meeting
  • Faculty Senate President Eisenman leading the meeting
  • faculty listening during a senate meeting
  • A faculty member speaking duing a senate meeting
  • A faculty member speaking during a senate meeting

“...sound governance practice and the exercise of academic freedom are closely connected, arguably inextricably linked. While no governance system can serve to guarantee that academic freedom will always prevail, an inadequate governance system—one in which the faculty is not accorded primacy in academic matters—compromises the conditions in which academic freedom is likely to thrive. Similarly, although academic freedom is not a sufficient condition, it is an essential one for effective governance." "On the Relationship of Faculty Governance and Academic Freedom.", AAUP Statement, May, 1994.

What is the Faculty Senate?

The Faculty Senate is the elected and representative boldy of the faculty and includes one representative from every department and one non-tenure track representative from eah school. It considers, makes recommendations, and passes resolutions concerning matters of general university interest, including:

  • Educational and research endeavors
  • Hiring policy
  • Tenure and promotion system
  • Campus life


  • Motion thanking President Eisenman was adopted June 3, 2015:
    Thank President Stephen Eisenman for an excellent job that he has done with the Faculty Senate.
  • Removal of President’s antibodies report from Senate website was adopted June 3, 2015:
    Remove “President’s Report to the Senate Concerning the Procurement and Use of Research Antibodies at Northwestern University” from the Faculty Senate website.
  • COIA Resolution on H.R. was adopted June 3, 2015:
    WHEREAS, Northwestern University is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); and
    WHEREAS,the NCAA’s recent restructuring effort has failed to effectively address critical issues currently confronting intercollegiate athletics: significant lapses of academic integrity, grave threats to the financial stability of athletic programs, the alarming escalation of coaches’ salaries, the escalation of student fees and institutional general fund subsidies to support athletics, excessive athletics time demands that do not allow athletes to devote sufficient time to their academic studies, and ongoing concerns about the health and safety of college athletes, among others; effective reform of intercollegiate athletics is so complex and important to higher education that a blue ribbon commission of faculty, collegiate sports experts and members of Congress should be convened to  objectively study these issues and propose solutions.
    WHEREAS,the academic integrity and reputation of our higher education institutions and the education, health and welfare of college athletes are too important to allow these questionable practices to continue.
    NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Faculty Senate/Council that the Senate go on record in support of H.R. 275, a bi-partisan bill being considered by the 114th Congress, that would establish a blue-ribbon Presidential Commission “to identify and examine issues of national concern related to the conduct of intercollegiate athletics and to make recommendations for the resolution of such issues;” and
    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that individual faculty members consider contacting their respective Congressperson to ask that they co-sponsor the H.R. 275.


Additional motions and resolutions