Research Affairs

2016-2017 Year-End Report

Handles issues that impact research-related activities, broadly defined, led by Faculty. These include university support for research-related activities, relationships with the Institutional Review Board, the administration, the student body, other research institutions, and society at large. The committee is interested in identifying obstacles to the optimal pursuit of research-related activities and working, together with Faculty and the University, on ways of reducing or removing them.

Chair: André Luiz de Gouvêa, Associate Professor, Physics & Astronomy (Weinberg)

James Baker, Professor, Physiology (Feinberg)
James Conley, Clinical Professor, Non-Tenure Eligible (Kellogg)
Noshir Contractor, Professor, Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences (Kellogg)
Daniel Foltz, Associate Professor, Biochemistry (Feinberg)
Jean-François Gaillard, Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Robert Holmgren, Professor, Molecular Bioscience (Weinberg)
Hongmei Jiang, Associate Professor, Statistics (Weinberg)
Eric Liotta, Assistant Professor, Neurology (Feinberg)
Melissa Macauley, Associate Professor, History (Weinberg)
Thomas Meade, Professor, Chemistry (Weinberg)
Brian Reiser, Professor, Education & Social Policy (SESP)
Mark Segraves, Professor, Neurobiology (Weinberg)
Derek Wainwright, Assistant Professor, Neurological Surgery (Feinberg)
Xiao-Qi Wang, Research Associate Professor, Dermatology (Feinberg)
Hao Zhang, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering (McCormick)
Jing Zheng, Associate Professor, Otolaryngology (Feinberg)