Non-tenure Eligible

The Non-tenure-eligible (NTE) Committee identifies and addresses issues related to non-tenure-track faculty, and works on these issues in committee, as well as with other committees, administrators, et al. Examples of such issues include NTE faculty salary data, promotion pathways, inclusion in the University Faculty Handbook, etc.

Chair: Heather L Colburn -

Information For Non-Tenure Eligible Faculty

Aggregate data of non-tenure-eligible (NTE) faculty salaries for FY2012-2013

This table includes aggregate data of non-tenure-eligible (NTE) faculty salaries for FY2012-2013 for each category that includes at least 9 faculty members. Feinberg and research NTE faculty are not represented due to the fact that part of their income may be derived from private practice or external sources of funding.

This information was provided by the Office of the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs in May, 2013.

A similar table for aggregate data of tenure line faculty salaries can be found on the Office of the Provost website.

NTE Faculty Data Table as of 2-24-2014.

This table includes (self-reported) data regarding Non-tenure-eligible faculty titles, ranks, promotion pathways, etc., in most of the schools at NU. This data was provided by members of NTE faculty, and in some cases, reviewed by school administrators. Information contained in the table will be updated annually, in September, to reflect any changes, corrections, etc.