Educational Affairs Committee

  • The committee is to develop expertise and collate information regarding best practices with respect to specific educational issues.
  • This acquired knowledge will be provided to the Senate as summaries and a common resource to increase Faculty awareness of educational resources and opportunities within the university should be created.
  • With a goal of maintaining open communication, this committee provides Senate approved recommendations to relevant University officers and planning committees regarding:
    • the direction of education and academic objectives. The goal of this charge is to ensure future policy changes align with academic values and Faculty interests.
    • the use of / need for  resources for undergraduate and graduate education/research training. 

Chair: Baron Reed, Associate Professor, Philosophy (Weinberg)

John Patrick Bebawy, Associate Professor, Anesthesiology (Feinberg)
Bernard Dobroski, Professor, Music Studies (Bienen)
Ezra Getzler, Professor, Mathematics (Weinberg)
Dennis Liu, Instructor, Urology (Feinberg)
Susan McReynolds, Associate Professor, Slavic Languages & Literature (Weinberg)
Mary Nevin, Associate Professor, Pediatrics (Feinberg)
Gregory Ryskin, Associate Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering (McCormick)
Junko Sato, Senior Lecturer, Asian Languages & Cultures (Weinberg)

Report of the Faculty Senate on the Recommendations of the Task Force on The Undergraduate Academic Experience:   

CLICK HERE to view the Faculty Senate’s Report on the Faculty Responses to the Recommendations of the Task Force on The Undergraduate Academic Experience 

The findings and recommendations contained in the report were ratified by the Faculty Senate at its meeting on June 8, 2016.

The report was submitted to Provost Linzer on July 28, 2016.