Salary and Benefits Committee

2016-2017 Year-End Report

2017 Faculty Salaries Assessment

The Salary and Benefits Committee tackles matters related to salaries, health, education and other benefits, including childcare.

Chair: Robert Gordon, Professor, Economics (Weinberg)

Anne-Marie Boller, Assistant Professor, Surgery (Feinberg)
Manjot Gill, Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology (Feinberg)
Paul Hirsch, Professor, Management & Organizations (Kellogg)
Amy Kontrick, Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine (Feinberg)
Kathryn Macapagal, Research Assistant Professor, Medical Social Sciences (Feinberg)
Michael Miksis, Professor, Engineering Sciences & Applied Mathematics (McCormick)
John Paluch, Associate Professor of Instruction, Non-Tenure Eligible (Weinberg)
Edward Thorp, Assistant Professor, Pathology (Feinberg)