Budget and Planning Committee

2016-2017 Year-End Report

Charge to the Committee:

Interact with University budget and planning processes to discern whether they are aligned with academic values and Faculty interests.

Report to the Senate and to relevant University officers any concerns with respect to advancing the academic mission of the university or the quality and sustainability of the Faculty.

Provide suggestions on behalf of the Senate to relevant University officers and planning committees regarding the direction and general welfare of the University and the role of the budget in meeting institutional objectives.

Develop and coordinate information and expertise regarding best practices with respect to specific issues and general budgetary and planning processes in order to fulfill the Committee’s and the Senate’s goals and responsibilities.

Bobby Calder, Professor, Marketing (Kellogg)

Ravi Jagannathan, Professor, Finance (Kellogg)
Hiroaki Kiyokawa, Professor, Pharmacology (Feinberg)
Rachel Beatty Riedl, Associate Professor, Political Science (Weinberg)
Sri Sridharan, Professor, Accounting Information & Management (Kellogg)
Jonathan Strauss, Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology (Feinberg)