University Policy Checklist

For the full policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs, view the Student Code of Conduct in the Student Handbook.

Here are things to ask yourself if you plan to drink:


If you're not 21, it’s illegal to possess or consume alcohol.

Have a fake ID?

Your driving privileges can be suspended or revoked for violations of fake ID laws. Related Illinois state laws and penalties can be found at .

21 or older?

Students of legal drinking age may drink in their NU residential hall or college, with a limited number of other of-age people (fraternity and sorority houses excluded).

Have underage friends?

Selling or providing alcohol to a minor is illegal and is subject to up to a $2,500 fine for a misdemeanor ($25,000 for a felony). Learn more at .

Did your friend have too much?

Students who call 911 and assist others in alcohol or other drug emergencies generally face no disciplinary action for their own infractions. Read about Amnesty through Responsible Action for more information.

Don’t want your parents to know?

As is permitted by law, the Office of Student Conduct makes a practice of contacting parents  whenever students under the age of 21 are found responsible for an alcohol or other drug violation.

Throwing a party?

Kegs or other public alcohol containers are not allowed on campus. If it's big enough to stand on, it's probably not allowed.

Planning to take one for the road?

Carrying a drink while walking on the sidewalk in Evanston  -- particularly on Dillo Day -- could result in a $1,000 fine. See the Laws page for a list of Evanston’s alcohol-related ordinances.

Are you a varsity athlete?

In addition to NU policies, athletes are bound by NCAA rules and regulations and are advised to be familiar with them.

Planning to study abroad?

If you will be on disciplinary probation for an alcohol or other drug policy violation during the term(s) you are scheduled to study abroad, you will not be permitted to study abroad, even if your application was previously approved. For more information, visit the Study Abroad website.