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PlanIt Purple Help


PlanIt Purple is a central repository for events happening throughout the entire Northwestern community.

PlanIt Purple is an application that was collaboratively designed and developed by University Relations and NUIT to consolidate events listings from across the university into a single online resource for the Northwestern community. We are committed to improving the application as the number of groups listing events continues to grow. Throughout the year, we conduct usability tests that guide our priorities. If you would like to volunteer to help us assess PlanIt Purple, please contact us. Check our announcements page to see what we've changed recently.

PlanIt Purple Terms of Use and Features

PlanIt Purple is a centralized online calendaring/event service for events on the Northwestern University campus.

The application’s feature set includes the ability to search events for active groups up to three years in the past and three years in the future. Event calendar managers can also create private calendars to store event listings that are displayed only on a specific website. The system suspends a group after eighteen months of inactivity. While PlanIt Purple retains these events in the system, it is not the authoritative database of record, and University departments and organizations should not rely on it for official archiving or record-keeping. Units in need of a record-keeping function should maintain copies of their own records in-office.