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Project Request Form

This worksheet will help you identify the overall goals for your web project. It is intended for existing sites that need impovements, as well as new sites that need to be created. Please complete this to the best of your ability, skipping any questions that do not apply.

Alternately, you may download a form-fillable PDF of this worksheet and submit your responses via email.

Project Overview

Please provide an overview of your office and project parameters.

1. What is the official name of your unit/department/school?

2. What is your current web site URL?

3. Do you wish to have a new URL for the redesigned site? If so, please provide the proposed new URL, along with rationale for the new URL.

4. Who will be actively participating in the redesign process?

  1. Project Lead (primary point of contact for this redesign project)
    Name: required
    E-Mail Address: required
    Phone Number: required
  2. Content Manager (responsible for online text & site updates)
    Name: required
    E-Mail Address:
    Phone Number:
  3. Unit Manager (will sign off on initial proposal and new design)
    E-Mail Address:
    Phone Number:
  4. Will a committee be involved with signing off on the proposal and different stages of the project? If so, how many people are on this committee?

5. Currently, how large is this site? (Estimate the number of internal web pages. Include PDFs and other files separately.) required

6. What is your intended launch date? required

Redesign Goals & Objectives

Explain what your office/department would like to achieve with this design.

1. What are your office/department's main reasons for redesigning the web site?

2. Is the site part of a larger department/office rebranding effort?

3. How will you measure the success of the redesign regarding these features/areas?

  1. Navigation (e.g., fewer phone calls about hours and location)
  2. Content (e.g., consistency throughout the web site)
  3. Design (e.g., consistent template throughout the web site)
  4. Technology (e.g., improved online communication with your users)


Please describe how well you know and/or understand your users and their objectives for visiting your site

1. Tell us about your site's primary audience.

  1. Who are your primary visitors (faculty, staff, students)?
  2. How do you know these are your primary users (anecdotal, usage data)?
  3. What are their primary actions on your site (looking up contact information, printing forms)?

2. Tell us about your site's secondary audience(s).

  1. Who are your secondary visitors (faculty, staff, students)?
  2. How do you know these are your secondary users (anecdotal, usage data)?
  3. What are your secondary users' primary actions on your site (looking up contact information, printing forms)?

3. What system does your office use to gather usage data about your visitors?

4. How do most users find out about your current web site?

5. What methods do your currently use to promote the URL and the web site?

6. How does your office/department plan to promote your site redesign?

Online identity

Explain where your current site fits in among peer web sites and where you would like your redesigned site to blend in or stand out.

1. What are three adjectives you think users use to describe your current site? Please state why.

2. What are three adjectives you would like users to use to describe the redesigned site? Please state why.

3. List three peer web sites you admire and their URLs, and describe which areas and features of these sites are most appealing to your office/department.


Explain how significantly content will be revised during the redesign.

1. What types of content revisions or streamlining are necessary?

2. What additional information will be added to your site?


What type of technology does your current web site use and what type of technological capabilities does your office/department envision for the redesign?

1. What server is your site currently running on?

  1. Who maintains this server?
  2. If possible, identity the server type and name the software running on it.

2. Does your redesigned site require database access for things like personalization/login? If yes, please describe how the database integration will work in relation to existing programs and software.

3. In addition to the regular programming that a redesign requires, does your office/department have any specific development needs? If yes, how will expanding the site's technologies help your office/department meet its objectives?