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Past Recipients

2015 Recipients

Jessica Agosto

Jessica Agosto is a research administrator in the Department of Radiology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. She is working toward a bachelor’s degree in psychology; her goal is to pursue a master of arts in counseling psychology, with a concentration in health psychology. Passionate about physical fitness and psychology, she is interested in working in combination treatment therapy for those suffering from mental illness, trauma, chronic pain, or grief. She enjoys spending free time with her husband and two children and going to the theater.

Elizabeth Quinn

A financial assistant for the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Elizabeth Quinn is earning a degree in psychology. After graduation, she hopes to be pursue a PhD in social psychology, to study the importance of sibling interactions on personality development. Elizabeth volunteers in Professor Wendi Gardner’s social psychology lab as a research assistant and is developing her own research project. Elizabeth is also training for her first triathlon.

Caitlin Tucker

A newsroom coordinator for University Relations at Northwestern, Caitlin Tucker is working toward a master of arts in public policy and administration. Her volunteer efforts with various immigrant groups inspire her as a journalist to give voice to those who are not included in current social and political conversations. Caitlin believes that by enhancing her analytical and communication skills through her work as an administrator of public policy, she can achieve her goal of becoming a champion of women’s rights. In her leisure time, Caitlin enjoys writing, oil painting, and visiting museums.

2014 Recipient

Donna Su

Donna Su is the coordinator of Graduate Services and Financial Aid at the Bienen School of Music. She has earned her master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration at the School of Professional Studies. In additional to the public policy focus of her course work, Donna also chose electives in human resources and non-profit administration to broaden her understanding of those areas of public policy. A strong commitment to volunteer activities, many in the Evanston area, and a family with two young children give Donna a very full and active life. 

2013 Recipient

Stephanie Cisneros

Stephanie Cisneros has joined the staff of the International Office at Northwestern University as an advisor. When Stephanie earned her scholarship in 2013, she worked full-time in the Office of Corporate Relations and was a Master’s in Liberal Studies student in the School of Professional Studies with a focus on international education. Her own experience studying in Italy has led to her interest in advising American students on study abroad opportunities.

2012 Recipients

Tina Espina

Tina Espina joined the staff at Northwestern six years ago. She is Coordinator of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education at the Feinberg School of Medicine. Tina is working toward a Bachelor's degree in general science with a major in organizational behavior. Tina and her husband are parents of a four-year-old daughter Makenzie and a son Liam.

Jodi Nicolai

Jodi Nicolai works as a Lab Manager/Research Technologist in the International Oncology Laboratory in the Department of Radiology at the Feinberg School of Medicine. Jodi earned a Master's degree in Clinical Research and Regulatory Admission. Her long-term career goal is to manage or direct a clinical laboratory. Jodi has a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa.

Annaleah Tubbin

Annaleah Tubbin has a joint appointment with the Center for Leadership and the Center for Civic Engagement. She earned a Master of Arts in Liberal Arts. Her ultimate educational goal is to earn a Ph.D. and teach musical theatre at the collegiate level. Annaleah has a bachelor's degree in theatre arts from the University of Oregon.

2011 Recipients

Victoria Schiffman

Victoria Schiffman is an employee in the University's International and Area Studies Program, where she provides administrative support and advises students who are completing the major or minor. She is working toward a Master's Degree in Public Policy and Administration with an interest in non-profits and international humanitarian aid. Victoria is a graduate of Washington University, where she majored in international studies, Spanish, and photography. In a letter of recommendation, her professor wrote, Victoria has “demonstrated the perspective of a woman who has thought seriously about who she is, what she values, and where she want to go in this world.”


Emily Ayshford

Emily Ayshford is a science writer for the McCormick School of Engineering. She is working on an MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis on fiction. Emily is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, where she majored in journalism with a minor in German Studies. Emily's writing has received recognition most recently in the 2009 Union League Circle and Arts Foundation Creative Writing Contest and in the short fiction contest sponsored by the literary magazine Glimmer's Train. In a letter of recommendation, Emily's reference wrote, “I supposed all teachers have experience this: You look at your stack of papers to grade and you know that when you reach the papers by a certain student, you can relax because you'll have in front of you an assignment that is just well-done…. Emily's work in two classes was just that kind.”

Sheila Kessler

Sheila Kessler is Evaluation Manager at Northwestern's Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, where she's worked for 12 years. A cum laude graduate of Northwestern, Sheila is working on a Master's Degree in Public Policy and Administration. In 2009, Sheila won a Service Excellence Award from the University. She's a member of ANUW (Association of Northwestern University Women) and University Circle. Sheila's reference wrote the following in a letter of recommendation, “She was always very well prepared and added great energy to class discussions….and was a positive influence in class.”

2009 Recipients

Agnes Kaminski

Agnes is currently pursuing her MA in Liberal Studies in Northwestern University's School of Continuing Studies and is working at a Program Coordinator at the Kellogg Undergraduate Program. She has been working at Northwestern University since January 2007. She received her BA in Art History at DePaul University. During her time at DePaul Agnes worked as a curatorial intern at the DePaul Art Museum. In the short term Agnes is committed to her position at Northwestern and completing her degree. Her long term goal is become an arts administrator in higher education. Both her position at Northwestern and the degree she is seeking will provide her with the experience and education she needs to pursue her career goals. This scholarship would assist in relieving her student loan burden as well as allow her to enroll in two classes in the summer 2009 quarter.

2008 Recipients

Kristine Barker

Kristine Barker is currently a program assistant in the Program of African Studies, is enrolled in the Masters of Public Policy and Administration program. She has studied abroad in Mali, West Africa doing research on "national educational policies and their effects on women and children". Her letter of recommendation states that: "She has an aptitude to research material and transform the information into a concise format that allows quick understanding of the topic in question. Ms. Barker is a consensus builder and has been a strong presence in group projects, as well as contributing to class discussions."

Danielle Slaton

Danielle Slaton is the Assistant Coach for the NU Women's Soccer team. She is currently enrolled in the Masters of Sports Administration program and she has traveled extensively as a professional soccer player and Olympic team member representing our country. Her letter of recommendations states that: "Danielle serves as an excellent role model for all female student athletes and women of color in particular. She was an outstanding soccer player at Santa Clara University and she had a stellar academic career. She epitomized the term student-athlete."

2007 Recipients

Annie McGurk

Annie McGurk is a program assistant and business manager for the Pathology Core Facility of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, who is pursuing a BS in Economics. According to her references, Annie is already an accomplished and effective business manager but she is eager to take her education and her career a step further. By completing her degree in Economics, she hopes to gain expertise in financial forecasting and planning. One of her professors wrote that Annie "reflects the best that the Northwestern community has to offer" and added that "her determined work-ethic, combined with an eagerness to learn, makes her an ideal student." When Annie is not working or studying, she is a volunteer for the Chicago Children's Advocacy Center and she is an accomplished photographer.

Allison Strick

Allison Strick is a Graduate Program Assistant in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. With an undergraduate degree in the humanities, she is currently studying in the Pre-Medicine Professional Development Certificate Program in preparation for applying to medical school. Her goal is to one day work with "Doctors without Borders." When Allison isn't working or studying, she is helping others. She is a web "guru," has tutored other students in her program and has served as a mentor for international students and adult refugees. She is also a volunteer at Rush North Shore Medical Center. Letters of recommendation in Allison's behalf were very enthusiastic, emphasizing her deep desire to learn and her strong motivation to be a doctor.

Maureen Searcy

Maureen Searcy is a program assistant in the Chemistry Department, is working on her Master of Arts in Creative Writing with the goal of becoming a professional writer. One of her professors wrote, "Maureen is a promising writer who brings a maturity, sense of passion and breadth of vision to her work and is deeply committed to her craft. He went on to say that granting Maureen a University Circle Scholarship would be "an excellent investment in a promising career."

2006 Recipients

Laura Guzman

Originally from Columbia, South America, Laura spent her middle school and part of her high school years in Belgium, She has been employed at the Feinberg School of Medicine for two years, in the Dermatology Department as a Research Technologist. She is working toward a Master of Arts in Literature. Her ultimate goal is to teach at the college level and to edit, translate and write literary works. She is fluent in Spanish and French. She has published papers in collaboration with scientific personages. She currently volunteers as an English as a Second Language tutor. Laura feels that at Northwestern University she has been able not only to grow in a professional environment, but also to add a new angle to her career and to meet new academic challenges. Prof. Helen Thompson of the English Department says of her: "When she spoke, everybody in the room listened attentively, confident in Guzman's intellect, maturity, and subtlety of Mind. ... I should add that the fact that English is not her first language, but that she write as a level of subtlety and sophistication above that of may of her peers in my class, only further testifies to her intellectual promise."

Silvia Skripkaskas

Silvia has been employed by Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University as a Health Literacy Research Coordinator for the Institute for Healthcare Studies for one and a half years. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in Public Health and Policy with the long-term goal of being a physician. Her present work activities are directed toward the medically underserved. She believes that it is very important to interact with the community at large through extra-curricular activities. She has published a paper and conducted a Health Literacy Workshop on "How to Talk to Your Doctor. She recently completed training in a Good Asthma Management Seminar and will be teaching adult asthmatics in underserved communities about asthma prevention. Her involvement in social and professional activities in the past included being a member at the Metro North Achievement Center for Girls, and being an active member of the Lithuanian-Waukegan Community, service as vice-president for youth events. Her recommender for this award, Dr. Michael S. Wolf, said he has "been impressed with her intelligence, motivation, breadth of attained knowledge in the specific areas of research through which she has been involved and her ability to communicate and collaborate with medical and research faculty here and abroad."

2005 Recipients

Vina Bondurant

Vina Bondurant of Evanston Illinois, has worked for Northwestern for six years and is currently the Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering. Earlier this year, Vina was named the co-project manager for the upcoming Fall 2005 Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center building's dedication. As a student in the School of Continuing Studies, Vina is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in General Studies, with a major in Organizational Behavior. Vina was recognized for her excellent academic performance by being named to the Fall 2004 Dean's List. In addition to being a full-time employee, she, like many working women is a wife and mother of two young children. In speaking with one of her co-workers, Judy Hicks, who worked with her in Tech, Judy says: "Ever since I met Vina, I was impressed by her desire to further her education in spite of working full time and raising a family. No matter how tired she was or how many obstacles she had to overcome, she always made studying and learning a priority in her life. She maintained a good GPA in spite of juggling her education with a demanding job and raising a family, taking care of her mother during the last year of her life, having a baby, and stepping up to the plate when I (Judy, that is) became sick and couldn't work. Vina has an amazing capacity for multitasking with a high degree of excellence in all her pursuits."

Also one of her professors added: as she interacts in class "she made a solid contribution to the learning experience."

And finally, Vina's former boss said: "In addition to her dedication and superior performance on all tasks, Ms. Bondurant worked with a wide range of colleagues effectively and added considerably to the overall sense of identity within the School and University."