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Welcome from the President

I would like to welcome all of you, longtime and new members, to the 2016-2017 year of the Northwestern University Circle.  I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are now enjoying fall with its crisp temperatures, clear blue skies and vivid colors on the trees. With the start of school in September, however, fall does not so much feel like the end of summer but rather like a new beginning. And it also means that Circle interest groups are meeting again and programs are happening.

On a sunny day in mid-October, a group of Circle members participated in a tour of Howes Memorial Chapel, the Shakespeare Garden and the Dearborn Observatory. NU archivist Kevin Leonard shared his vast knowledge about the history of Howes Chapel and the Dearborn Observatory. Claudia Lane, current president of the Evanston Garden Club, and some of her colleagues gave a lecture and tour of the newly restored Shakespeare Garden. Finally, the group visited Dearborn Observatory, where its director, Professor Michael Smutko, talked about the dome and the telescope. It was a very worthwhile outing and I am looking forward to other campus tours in the future.

Thank you for your generous support for this year’s Holiday Adopt A Family Project.  Circle provided family gifts and individual presents to each member of five families and $250 in gift cards to each family for food and household supplies. Additional funds were donated to Settlement’s Emergency Utility Fund.

We are always happy when new members join the Circle. If you know someone who would like to become a member please contact the membership chairs Margaret Schatz or Jean Wilson and they will send you a membership brochure. I am looking forward to seeing many of you at future Circle events this coming year!

Elisabeth Malthouse