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Students’ Advice on Engaging Advising

Connecting with advisers promotes student success at Northwestern. 

Northwestern undergraduates share how their academic advisers provide them with connection to Northwestern resources, support and a sense of belonging to the Northwestern community, and insightful advice for building their academic career.

Getting Started

Academic advisors guide students through all phases of their academic career. Current undergraduates recommend meeting regularly with advisers to develop a long-term relationship and help you meet your academic goals.

Engaging Advising 

Students explain that the best way to get the most out of your advising session is to go in prepared, which includes bringing a list of topics and questions you would like to discuss. They describe how their advisers helped them reflect on their life goals and connected them with a network of Northwestern resources.

Remote Advising

Students describe how they receive great advice and support from their advisers in an online advising environment.