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Fall 2022 Exam Proctoring in Isolation Housing

Students who must move to on-campus isolation housing (1835 Hinman, east entrance) during the Fall Quarter 2022 now have the option of taking proctored, in-person exams during their stay. Most students living in on-campus housing are in the first or second year of their undergraduate studies, thus this option will primarily benefit first-year and sophomore students. This service is available only to students isolating on campus as COVID-positive students living elsewhere may not travel to campus while isolating.  
The Action Steps to Set Up Proctored Remote Exam in Isolation Housing below outline the actions the Student and Faculty must take to arrange for a proctored exam. 

Action Steps to Set Up Proctored Remote Exam in Isolation Housing

  1. Students who move into on-campus isolation housing receive a message that includes the possibility of taking a proctored exam, based on faculty approval, with a link for faculty to request proctoring.
  2. Student in on-campus isolation housing determines they feel well enough to take a scheduled exam. 
  3. Student contacts their instructor as quickly as possible to ask if they may take the scheduled exam in isolation and includes the link to the 2022-23 Isolation Housing Proctored Exam Submission Form. Students can use the draft language below when writing to faculty:  
    • I am currently in Isolation Housing on campus and not able to attend class in person. I see we have an exam on DATE, which I feel well enough to take. With your approval, I will be able to take the exam in Isolation Housing under the supervision of a proctor. Would you let me know if this would be okay, and would you submit your request and the exam at least 24 hours before exam time to the 2022-23 Isolation Housing Proctored Exam Submission Form?
  4. Instructors who agree that their students may take a proctored exam in isolation housing should complete the 2022-23 Isolation Housing Proctored Exam Submission Form about their exam requirements and provide the exam to the Office of the Provost. Timeliness is important — instructors must confirm their students’ participation at least 24 hours before the exam to ensure the proctor and materials are ready when needed.  Faculty can choose on the Form to receive an automated message confirming receipt of the 2022-23 Isolation Housing Proctored Exam Submission Form.
  5. Provost's Office will follow up on any questions with the student and with the faculty.  
  6. COVID-19 Response Team will contact the Student to schedule the proctored exam.  
  7. Student arrives on time to the exam location and completes the exam. All university policies, including Academic Integrity, remain active and applied to taking a proctored exam. Only faculty-approved materials will be available to a student during a proctored exam. 
  8. COVID-19 Response Team sends the completed exam to the faculty, unless it is a paper exam in which case the proctor and Provost's Office deliver the exam to the faculty department. 

Contact should you have questions.