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Funding Information

The TGS Training Grant Support Office (TGSO) provides support and assistance to faculty who are submitting training grants.

  • All requests for training grants supporting graduate students are routed through the TGSO at the time of proposal development.
    • Training Grant PI teams provide requests to the TGSO via the TGSO budget worksheet.
    • TGSO facilitates the request of this funding by partnering with TGS Finance team in order to secure a commitment for the proposed grant project period.
  • For training grants supporting graduate students, tuition scholarships to fund the balance of predoctoral tuition not provided by the training grant are covered by TGS and are budgeted in each school’s TGS allocation.
  • In general, the balance of predoctoral stipend (i.e. stipend supplement or stipend top-up) is the responsibility of the student’s adviser or the adviser’s home school unless other agreements are in place.
  • Grants that have been successfully funded and are renewing for the first time may request one affiliate slot for a graduate student. Affiliate slots are typically four quarters of stipend and tuition (the equivalent of one year of student funding) and are given with the expectation that they are used to increase the diversity of the trainees by appointing a student who may not otherwise be eligible for the grant (i.e. a non-US citizen). Once a grant has received an affiliate slot, TGS will continue to budget that slot for all subsequent renewals. One affiliate slot will be awarded per grant.