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Request Data

The Graduate School (TGS) (via the Training Grant Support Office (TGSO) and/or the Research & Analysis team) is willing to provide data for requests other than T32s. Typically, we will require a minimum of 10 business days for turn-around time.

  • Before submitting a request, please first check our Program Statistics website. This website contains a wealth of information on graduate and postdoc demographics.
  • For data that is not already available online, all data requests should be made by completing the Data Request Form.
  • If you are uncertain of which data elements you need, Research and Analysis are available to consult on data solutions.
  • We do not provide identifiable demographic information, only aggregate numbers. For example, we will not give out lists of URM students or postdoctoral trainees in a certain department.
  • If you wish to email targeted audiences of students or postdoctoral trainees, TGS will send information on your behalf to those audiences.
  • Our Research & Analysis team reserves the right to determine what data can be shared and how it may be used and presented.