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Transferring Credit from Study Abroad

Upon completion of your study abroad program, follow these steps to start the study abroad credit transfer process:

1. Request your study abroad transcript be delivered to the Northwestern Study Abroad Office.

For students who participated on study abroad programs administered by the Study Abroad Office, ensure that your program sends an official study abroad transcript to the Northwestern Study Abroad Office (1800 Sherman Ave, Suite 4-400, Evanston, IL 60201).

It typically takes foreign universities about two months to send the official document. If your credits have not been posted on CAESAR after two months, contact your study abroad program to see if they have sent the transcript to our office.

Note: Participants of CASA Barcelona Fall quarter programs as well as Arcadia-King's College should expect their transcripts to be delivered to the Study Abroad Office approximately three to four months after program completion.

2. Submit a program evaluation.

To be eligible to receive study abroad credit, you must complete a program evaluation.

3. Submit a petition to graduate one calendar year before your expected graduation.

The Office of the Registrar processes a very large volume of study abroad transcripts, so it may take several weeks to post study abroad credit. The Registrar will take graduation date into consideration when posting credit, so if you are expecting to graduate within a year and have not yet submitted your petition to graduate, you should do that immediately. Otherwise, transcripts will be processed in the order in which they were received.

4. Complete the credit transfer process for your school.

If you will be seeking major/minor credit or are interested in fulfilling distribution or other school requirements, you will need to follow your school’s program for transferring your general (elective) study abroad credits. Learn about the credit transfer process for your school

Learn about exceptions for students attending some Northwestern-sponsored programs.