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Money Matters

With proper planning, your study abroad and financial aid advisers can help you find a study abroad opportunity that fits into any budget. This section outlines many of the financial considerations of studying abroad, including costs and billing, financial aid, scholarships, and managing expenses. If you still have questions or don't find what you're looking for, feel free to get in touch with Krista Buda Bethel, Manager of Study Abroad Financial Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start here! Review the basics and the most common questions about costs, scholarships, and financial aid.

Costs & Fees

When you study abroad, you will pay your program's costs, not your regular Northwestern costs. Program costs vary widely and may be more or less expensive than Northwestern. Most students who receive credit for study abroad must also pay the Study Abroad Administrative Fee, which varies by program term and length.

Financial Aid

Financial aid and loans may be used for participation on affiliated and Northwestern-sponsored study abroad programs. Need-based aid will be adjusted for the term abroad based on the program's costs, including the exchange rate and cost of living. Aid is available for summer programs, but must be applied for separately from the regular academic year.

Students whose parents are eligible for Northwestern tuition benefits may also apply these to the study abroad program's tuition.

Students are also encouraged to apply for the many outside scholarships available for study abroad, especially in the summer.

Pre-Departure Expenses

Some up-front costs related to study abroad occur far in advance of the start of your program, such as deposits and airfare. Students with high financial need may be eligible to apply to the Bridge Builder program for assistance with many of these expenses.

Billing & Payments

You will receive an invoice through CAESAR each quarter you are abroad, on the regular Northwestern billing schedule. Specific billing arrangements vary by program and term.

Outside Scholarships & Funding

You are encouraged to apply for study abroad scholarships from a variety of sources, including your study abroad program and outside organizations.

Budgeting & Accessing Money Abroad

The amount you spend while abroad will depend on your personal spending habits, the economy and cost of living in your host country, and the exchange rate. In addition to planning a budget for your educational and living expenses, make sure you also have a plan for how to access your money from abroad.