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Financial Aid

Northwestern financial aid may be used for participation on affiliated and Northwestern-sponsored study abroad programs. Other scholarship opportunities or financing options may be available for students who do not receive need-based aid. Review these pages for information about the various forms of financial assistance available for study abroad.

Need-based financial aid

Financial aid and loans can be applied to Northwestern-sponsored and affiliated study abroad programs during the regular academic year. Your family contribution stays the same, and your financial aid will be adjusted based on your program's costs.

Summer aid & scholarships

Need-based aid is available for summer programs, but must be applied for separately from the regular academic year. You are also encouraged to apply for other study abroad scholarships from a variety of sources, including your study abroad program and outside organizations.

Loans & financing options

Find out what you need to know about borrowing student loans for study abroad, especially if you will be a first-time borrower. If your family usually borrows a parent loan or a private loan and/or uses the Northwestern 9PAY plan to finance your education costs, these options are still available if you will attend an affiliated or Northwestern-sponsored program.

Northwestern faculty/staff educational assistance

If you are a current Northwestern undergraduate, and your parent is a full-time Northwestern employee with the required years of service and eligibility for educational assistance benefits, these benefits may be used toward the cost of your full-time tuition on a study abroad program.

Outside scholarships & funding

There are many opportunities to apply for outside scholarships and funding for your study abroad program. Funding search engines are also available to help you locate opportunities.