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NU Bystander Intervention

About NU Bystander Intervention

NU Bystander Intervention is an initiative that aims to create a safer, more caring and inclusive community by engaging all students, faculty and staff and asking them to play a role in shifting our campus culture.

Bystander intervention is a type of training that was developed to help people identity and interrupt moments of harm or potential harm. While initially implemented around topics of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking on college campuses, the training has been broadened to think about how people observing a situation can take an active role in intervening to stop immediate harm, and ideally future harm, from happening. 
NU Bystander Intervention is a collaboration between Center for Awareness, Response and Education (CARE) and Social Justice Education (SJE).

Bystander Intervention Trainings

To request a workshop for your group or organization, please complete the form here.
To be notified when we have an open training that you can join as an individual, please complete the form here.

The NU Bystander Intervention training curriculum is a 60-90min training that overviews the process of being an active bystander, introduces basic tools to safely and effective intervene in situations, and provides scenario practice. Participants leave having reflected on their own motivations and barriers to intervention as well as strategies they can implement in a variety of contexts.

Session aims include to:

Bystander Intervention Facilitation Trainings

To be notified about upcoming facilitation trainings, please complete this form.
The NU Bystander Intervention facilitation training curriculum currently takes place over two 2-hrs sessions. The training covers the foundations of bystander intervention values, strategy and how it works at NU. Participants also learn and complete practice around the bystander intervention training curriculum. Participants leaving this session receive materials to be able to share this information with their groups and are added to a group of volunteer facilitators who support trainings for the broader NU community.
Participants will...

Bystander Intervention Scenario Practice Group

These opt-in meetings are once a month, open to the NU community to provide a space for continued scenario  and intervention practice, reflection and community knowledge sharing related to bystander intervention. 
Contact Qiu Fogarty to be added to this group. We are also seeking volunteer facilitators from the group to help us lead future sessions!

Bystander Intervention Committee

We are in the process of visioning our Bystander Intervention Committee. Check back here for more information in the future!


Contact Assistant Director of Social Justice Education, Qiu Fogarty at or Assistant Director of Prevention and Masculine Engagement at Center for Awareness, Response, Education, Saed Hill