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Anti-Racism Seminar

The Anti-Racism Seminar (ARS) is a highly interactive and experiential seminar that is designed to bring together first and second year students of diverse backgrounds to engage in critical intergroup dialogue on race and racism as a foundation for understanding different forms and systems of oppression. Over the course of a quarter students explore their own social identities, lived experiences, beliefs, and behaviors within a framework of systemic power, oppression and privilege. Students will engage in structured dialogue, learning exercises and will engage in media and readings related to race and racism. 
The seminar is overseen by the Associate Director of Social Justice Education and is facilitated by trained undergraduate student facilitators of Social Justice Education. ARS Intended to engage undergraduate first and second years students who are eager to reflect on their own racial identity and curious about how racism shows up in the world around them, in their socialization and upbringing. Participants must desire to learn more about themselves and structures of oppression, but no prior experience in dialogue, social justice jargon, activism or politics, is required. 
The Spring 2023 Anti-Racism Seminar cohort will meet on Thursdays from 7-9pm from April 6- June 1, 2023. Apply for Spring 2023 now:
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