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Anti-Racism Seminar

This highly interactive and experiential virtual seminar is intentionally designed to bring students of diverse backgrounds together to talk about racism as a foundation for understanding additional systems and forms of oppression. Students will be encouraged to explore their own social identities, lived experiences, beliefs, and behaviors within a framework of systemic power, oppression, and privilege.  

The seminar is facilitated by Social Justice Education staff, is open to all undergraduate students, and will take place virtually over the course of 6 sessions in the winter quarter.  It is a 6 week commitment facilitated by Assistant Directors of Social Justice Education, Chelsea and Qiu. Participants must be willing to commit to the cohort and attend as many sessions as possible while participating in some outside readings and assignments 
Here is what we're looking for...
  • 1st or 2nd year students of all identities (the goal is to have an intergroup dialogue space where students that hold many different identities are in conversation with each other while learning about and from each other)
  • Eager to talk about race and racism with some experience contemplating their own racial identity and curiosity about how racism shows up in the world around them and in their own socialization and upbringing
  • Must have a desire to learn more about themselves and about structures of oppression but no dialogue experience, particular jargon, or activism/political work needed.
For more info and to apply now, visit:
Questions? Please contact
We will accept applications on a rolling basis until the first week of classes in Winter Quarter or until we reach capacity.  Apply today! We'd love to have you.