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Campus Inclusion & Community Umbrella

Campus Inclusion and Community (CIC) is an umbrella unit comprised of Social Justice Education, Multicultural Student Affairs, and Student Enrichment Services. CIC continues to grow and evolve each year. For a quick visual of where SJE fits into this umbrella, please refer to the image on the right.

Below you will find a little history about how and why CIC was formed.

The preceding structure was decentralized and didn't meet students' needs.

Our New Model

The Adapted Tri-Sector Model for Cultural Practice
Our new model was finalized on May 1, 2014. To finalize this model, what was formerly known as "Campus Inclusion and Community" became its own department: Social Justice Education. Multicultural Student Affairs, a longstanding department at Northwestern, was added to the umbrella, as was the newly founded Student Enrichment Services. 

With this new model, we reached those who hadn't been reached, and we had a greater positive impact on those we had. Additionally, CIC has served as a national model.
View the adapted Tri-Sector Model for Cultural Practice (PDF). The Tri-Sector Model for Cultural Practice (Jenkins & Walton, 2008) provides a framework for the new CIC based on 3 components: Education, Enrichment, and Engagement.