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Campus Safety & Wellness Committee

Inaugurated December 1, 2022

The departments of Student Affairs and Safety & Security have collaborated to create a new forum for ongoing dialogue regarding safety and wellness, with representatives from undergraduate and graduate student groups, postdoctoral candidates, faculty, and staff. This new forum, co-chaired by the two of us, reimagines and replaces the former Campus Safety & Crime Prevention Committee.

We are excited about re-envisioning solutions for safety and well-being on our campuses, inspired by the listening and reflection over the past few years. To ensure that all who are engaged in this work are regularly exchanging ideas with each other, the new Campus Safety & Wellness Committee has been created. The committee’s purpose is to promote optimal service for the community, to monitor important changes already in place, and to discuss trends and recommendations including data related to transparency and accountability.

We look forward to this opportunity to collaborate and continue building a safe and healthy environment at Northwestern.

Mona E. Dugo, Co-Chair
Assistant Vice President for Wellness
and Dean of Students

Bruce A. Lewis, Co-Chair
Senior Associate Vice President for Safety & Security
and Chief of Police