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Past Recipients

2019 Grant Recipients

  • John Cutler, Associate Professor, English, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences - “Invisible Hands: Latinx Modernism and Spanish-Language Print Culture
  • Marcela Fuentes, Assistant Professor, Performance Studies, School of Communication - “Together We Are Infinite: Ni Una Menos and the Work of Feminist Performance Constellations
  • Ava Greenwell, Professor, Journalism, Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications - “Mission Possible: Chicago’s Free South Africa Movement
  • Martina Kerlova, Associate Professor of Instruction, German, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences - Erich Heller, Bohemian Germanist in Anglo-American Exile
  • Gregory MacAyeal, Curator of the Music Library, Distinctive Collections, University Libraries - John Cage, Glenn Branca and the 1982 New Music Festival
  • Michelle Molina, Associate Professor, Religious Studies, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences - “The Reverberations of Exile: Intimate Encounters in the Catholic Atlantic World
  • Jennifer Nash, Associate Professor, African American Studies, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences - “Black Maternal Politics”
  • Dassia Posner, Associate Professor, Theatre, School of Communication - "The Moscow Kamerny Theater: An Artistic History"
  • John Paul Sniadecki, Assistant Professr, Radio, Television, Film, School of Communication - “Cairo, IL
  • Claudia Swan, Associate Professor, Art History, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences - Encounter Objects: Towards a Material History of Global Baroque Dutch Art