Sponsoring Departments

The Buffett Center and its Center for Global Engagement (CGE)


The Roberta Buffett Center for International and Comparative Studies at Northwestern University drives interdisciplinary scholarship on the world’s most pressing problems while preparing students to become international citizens and leaders who are ready to tackle critical challenges around the globe.


By supporting research and advancing collaborative learning, the Center keeps Northwestern at the forefront of international scholarship. Because no single discipline can provide solutions to the world’s crises, the Center brings together scholars from multiple fields to examine global challenges such as religious freedom, military power, energy security, and forced migration. Center scholars use their research to inform real-world policy decisions at institutions like the Treasury Department, the World Health Organization, and the United Nations.


The Buffett Center’s Center for Global Engagement (CGE) has built a nationally recognized complement of programs designed to forge the leadership skills of students who are passionate about addressing global problems such as poverty, human rights, and health.

Global Engagement Studies Institute

As the most popular study abroad program at Northwestern, the Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI) equips undergraduate students with the knowledge, tools, and experiences to support critical grassroots development initiatives. GESI begins with intensive coursework in community development and international leadership. Students then work in interdisciplinary teams at community organizations in Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, Nicaragua, South Africa, or Uganda. Since 2007, over 300 students have carried out more than 100 community- based development projects.

Global Engagement Fellows Program

The six-month Global Engagement Fellows Program enables students to successfully pursue careers in global change. In a collaborative community of like-minded students, Fellows learn project management, communication, team building, and other skills valued by future employers. Fellows also have opportunities to connect with and learn from professionals in a variety of mission-driven organizations.

Student Group Support and Mentorship

The Center supports a dozen on-campus student groups [“a dozen on-campus student groups“ should be linked to the OBON Student Engagement page] focused on addressing global problems. In fact, several undergraduate groups have been founded with Center scholars and staff serving as mentors and advisors.

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