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The following is a compilation of University and Chicago-based LGBTQIA+ events shared with or hosted by Multicultural Student Student Affairs.

Find more university events on the University Events Calendar. If you are hosting an event you would like highlighted on this calendar, please email details to

Rainbow Alliance

Rainbow Alliance is Northwestern’s undergraduate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual, and ally group whose main goal is to provide a safe space for students of all genders and sexualities by supporting an active and social community. If you are interested in learning more about Rainbow Alliance, please visit their website or their Rainbow Alliance Wildcat Connection listing here.


Queer Pride Graduate Student Association (QPGSA)

The Queer Pride Graduate Student Association is an award-winning social and advocacy group for graduate students enrolled in The Graduate School of Northwestern University. Founded in 2005, their membership now includes over 100 graduate students. QPGSA is committed to develop a sense of community among the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and allied members of Northwestern's graduate student community.

If you are interested in learning more about QPGSA, visit their QPGSA Website,  QPGSA Facebook Page or their QPGSA Wildcat Connection listing.


Living in Color (LIC)

An artist collective founded by Northwestern undergraduate students, is a space for those who live in color (including people of color, queer and trans artists, artists of migrant identities, and more) to express themselves through various media. LIC aims to promote diversity, inclusivity, liberation, creativity, and empowerment. We provide a platform for ‘lives of color,’ combating the marginalization and tokenism fostered by historically ‘white’ art spaces. 

You can more information about LIC on their Facebook page or Instagram Page. 


Pride@Kellogg is one of Kellogg's most active and visible student organizations, and has established Kellogg as the top business school for LGBT MBA students worldwide. Pride@Kellogg has existed at Kellogg since 1992. Over its life, the organization has actively worked to improve the professional, academic and social lives of LGBT Kellogg students, their friends and allies.

If you are interested in learning more about Pride@Kellogg, visit their website.


Other Groups

While the groups below exclusively program for LGBTQIA+ students, these are groups who make consistent efforts to ensure their content and conversations center LGBTQIA+ experiences:

B. Burlesque

B. Burlesque is a dance interest group for students of color to learn and perform the burlesque dance style. B. Burlesque is a safe-space for those who may also identify as queer or non-binary. Our goal is to promote body and sex positivity among students of color and non-binary and queer folk. We do not require auditions or prior dance experience, only sincere interest!

Facebook: B. Burlesque
IG: B.Burlesquenu



If you are looking for sexual health resources or would like to help lead sexual health education on campus consider engaging with SHAPE. SHAPE is a peer education group affiliated with CARE that is survivor-centered, sex-positive, and social justice oriented. We combat rape culture and work to create a culture of healthy sexuality through education, public events, and an open dialogue on sexual health, sex positivity, and sexual assault.

Find ways to connect and get involved with SHAPE through their website.


LGBTQIA+ Student Advisory Board

Born out of a desire to make Northwestern a more inclusive and supportive environment for LGBTQIA students, MSA established the LGBTQ Advisory Board in 2016. Through relationships and partnerships across campus, MSA identified a need for LGBTQIA undergraduate and graduate students to be in community and to build coalitions together.

The Advisory Board meets monthly to discuss any issues and or needs for LGBTQIA students. Some of the Advisory Board’s work includes a Queer Wellness Retreat, sending a delegation to the LGBTQ Task Force’s National Conference called Creating Change, serving as a space for feedback for various NU departments and building all gender bathroom advocacy strategy. To learn more about the LGBTQIA+ Student Advisory Board, please contact MSA at


Conference Attendance

The National LGBTQ Task Force sponsors and organizes the Creating Change Conference, the foremost political, leadership and skills-building conference for the LGBTQ social justice movement. Since 2019, MSA has assembled a small delegation of Northwestern undergraduate and graduate students to attend the Creating Change conference in January, with all expenses covered by MSA. To learn more about the upcoming year's Creating Change Conference Delegation, please contact MSA at


Queer Wellness Series

This monthly series expands our concepts of the 8 dimensions of wellness by bringing queer healers, practioners and facilitators to help see and know ourselves in our on-going wellness work. We work to bring in speakers that will transcend colonial concepts wellness while centering LGBTQIA+ experiences and voices. Find our monthly event in our newsletter or on the "Events" tab.


Queer Book Club

This is a quarterly collaborative effort between MSA and and Gender and Sexuality Studies program at Northwestern. Participants get the chance to casually meet and discuss a book with select GSS faculty for what is often a fun-filled conversation. Learn more about the Queer Book Club how to sign up and all MSA Book Clubs on the MSA Book Club and Discussion Page.


Queer and Trans Empowerment Month

The month of October is LGTQ History month in the United States and at Northwestern we celebrate Queer and Trans Empowerment Month! Learn more about this month-long celebration here: Queer & Trans Empowerment Month: Multicultural Student Affairs - Northwestern University


Lavendar Graduation

The bookend experience at Northwestern is a chance to celebrate you and all your accomplishments! Lavender Graduation is a celebration put on by MSA to celebrate our LGBTQIA+ graduates. A space of love, joy and acknowledgment Lavender Graduation is a space to celebrate you in your fullness as member of our community! Learn more about MSA's End-of-Year Celebrations here: Congratulatories: Multicultural Student Affairs - Northwestern University