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Review these instructions for applying to a veterinary medicine program.

Submitting Your Application

Almost all US and Canadian vet schools use the centralized Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS).

Texas A&M is the only U.S. veterinary school that does not use VMCAS. Applicants must apply directly to this program.

Supplemental Application

Many VMCAS schools will also have a separate supplemental application that must be completed by their deadline.

Coursework Entry Instructions

VMCAS Coursework instructions: Northwestern students must convert their Northwestern credit units to quarter hours for each Northwestern course they enter in the VMCAS coursework section. One Northwestern credit = 4 quarter hours.

If a direct or supplemental application requires you to list your Northwestern coursework in terms of semester hours, use the following conversion: One Northwestern credit = 2.7 semester hours (if they require 2 decimals places, then one Northwestern credit = 2.66 semester hours). The Northwestern course unit conversion can always be found on the back page of your official Northwestern transcript.


Veterinary med school applicants must submit their VMCAS application by September 15th (3 letters of recommendation must be received by this date in order for VMCAS to process an application to start veterinary med school by the next academic year).