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Letters of Recommendation

Admission committees use letters of recommendation to understand how other professionals evaluate an applicant's traits and characteristics such as:

  • Academic performance
  • Interpersonal qualities
  • Communication skills
  • Collaboration/teamwork capabilities
  • Ability to show compassion
  • Work ethic
  • Timeliness

Selecting Your Recommenders

  • You will need a minimum of 3 letters (ideally to include 2 science faculty).
  • Consider individuals who have personal knowledge of your accomplishments.
  • Identify activities you have extensive involvement in, and consider approaching professors/supervisors who often see you "in action."
  • Seek out individuals that can assess your
    • abilities
    • talents
    • strengths
    • level of maturity

Communicating With Recommenders

  • Start meeting your professors regularly, and take advantage of office hours.
  • Share your plans, activities, grades, and motivations so that they will see the whole picture of who you are.
  • Reflect and share what you have learned about yourself and the environment in which they observed you.
  • Remember that these individuals are signing their names and their credentials in support of your application, so be professional when communicating with them.

Provide Adequate Time for the Recommendations

  • Give your recommenders ample time to write the letters (6-8 weeks).