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Required Courses

The following are courses mentioned frequently as being required and/or recommended:

  • 1 year general/inorganic chemistry with lab
  • 1 year biology with lab
  • 1 year organic chemistry with lab
  • 1 year physics with lab

Additional courses most frequently required or recommended: biochemistry, genetics, physiology, anatomy, microbiology, economics, statistics, English composition

Refer to the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) "Official Guide to Dental Schools" for the specific admission requirements for all U.S. and Canadian dental schools, available in print and online access. A copy of the guide is also available at the UHPA office for in-house review.

Choosing a Major

Dental students come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds and majors; therefore, choose a major based on your interests and aptitudes. The most common major for pre-dental students is biology, as the dental course prerequisites are similar to the standard biology curriculum. At Northwestern, students can major in almost any area and still be able to fit in the dental course requirements.