We are glad you joined us to learn about Facilities Connect! Here you can find all of the available training curriculum and courses for Facilities Connect and the three focus areas:

Space: contains all the information about space and how its used.  Includes campus maps, floor plans, and supports the annual space validation process. 

Project Management: supports our day to day managment of design and construction projects.  Includes project tracking, financial data, and schedule management.    

Operations & Maintenance: service request management system and manages all the corrective and preventive maintenance for the university.  

Facilities Connect Overview and Access/ Approver Security


Please click the myHRLearn curriculum link for access to the courses below:

Facilities Connect Overview (curriculum)

Access and Approver Security

You can add and remove approvers for Non-Building charges using the Facilities Services Approver Change Form.  If you have one update, complete the form as normal. If you have multiple updates either complete the form for each change or enter the first one in the form and upload a spreadsheet with all the remaining updates.

Customer Training

General Requester


Demonstration of Facilities Connect functionality:

Topics demonstrated: Submitting a Service Request, Viewing the Status of a Service Request, Approving Requests (Approvers), Viewing Work Task Cost Information (Data Administrators/ Data Stewards) and Viewing Capital Projects (Data Administrators/ Data Stewards).

Job Guides

Department Administrator

These actions are available to Data Steward, Data Administrator, and Department Financial Administrator. 

Job Guides

Space Information

Space Information: Viewer

Please visit this training if you view and report on space information. If you manage and update space, please see the Data Steward and Administrator training.

Space Information: Data Steward and Data Administrator

Please visit this training if manage and edit space information.

Space Validation

Please visit this training if you are responsible for completing the Space Validation process.

Space Information: Reporting

Please visit this training if you are responsible for providing data on Space Information. 

Project Management

Operations & Maintenance

Asset Managers

Please visit this training if you manage assets (Facilities Personnel only).

Job Guides


 Training Course Recording

Service Technicians

Job Guides for On the Go (OTG)

Job Guide - On Base Mileage Application

Job Guides - Desktop

 Training Course Recordings

Técnicos de servicio (Español)

Guías de trabajo para On the Go (OTG)


Job Guides for On the Go (OTG)

Job Guides for Desktop

FC Training Course Recordings

Job Guide - On Base Mileage Application

Job Guide - Workforce 

Customer Service

Job Guides

Preventive Maintenance

Job Guides


Job Guides


Job Guides

Human Resources

Job Guide



Job Guides


Job Guides

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