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Update Instructions

To change or enter your name as you would like it to be displayed in University systems, follow the steps below. To learn more about how to use the different name fields, whom to contact for support and more, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Instructions for Everyone

Updating NUValidate: 

  1. Navigate to and sign in with your NetID and password.
  2. Click the “Edit Online Directory Information” tile on the homepage of NUValidate. 
  3. Find the Name fields and Pronoun single-select list. Here, you can edit your name and pronouns, then click “Submit” at the bottom of the screen to save.

Where will this information show up?

  • NUValidate
  • myHR

This will lead to corresponding changes within the following systems and services:

  • RMS Mercury (Residential Services)
  • Northwestern People Directory (name only; not displaying pronouns)
  • Microsoft 365 (Outlook, Teams, Sharepoint, OneDrive) (name only; not displaying pronouns)
  • Google G Suite (name only; not displaying pronouns)
  • Workforce Software (Timekeeping) (name only; not displaying pronouns)

Display names and pronouns will also be available in a new web service for other campus systems to consume and display.

Additional Notes on Display Names

Display name is intended to be the name by which you would like to be known and will be shared via University systems. It can be your preferred or professional name, nickname or a replacement for a former/dead/unused name. Please keep the following in mind as you choose a display name:

  • A display name is not required. University systems will share your primary name from CAESAR or your legal name from myHR if you do not enter a display name.
  • You will be able to update your first, middle and last name to a new display name. If you choose to enter a display name, you must provide both the first name and last name fields.
  • To update or remove your display name, replace existing name with the name you’d like to go by (even if that is your legal/primary name) and save.
  • Use the Latin alphabet (standard for English and many other languages) for your name. You can save your name in other alphabets, but please note that some individuals do not have knowledge of other alphabets and may not be able to read your name as written outside of the Latin alphabet.

Additional information via the Knowledge Base:

See the FAQs and additional resources sections for more information.