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Project Overview

Project goal: Update Northwestern's online systems for students, faculty, and staff (including temporary staff) to be able to provide their name as they would like it to be displayed in university systems (e.g., “display name”) and their pronouns. 

Project partners: OIDI, Information Technology, Human Resources, and the University Registrar 

Project Phases

Phase one of the System Updates project is on track.

The first three phases of this initiative will focus on our major systems, and additional systems will be updated in future phases. We will update this webpage with timelines and additional systems implicated as that information becomes available. 

Current Phase (Phase One)

Enable name and pronoun updates in the following systems:  

  • NUValidate 
  • myHR 

This will lead to corresponding changes within the following systems and services:  

  • RMS Mercury (Housing) 
  • Northwestern People Directory (name only; not displaying pronouns) 
  • Microsoft 365 (Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive) (name only; not displaying pronouns) 
  • Google G Suite (name only; not displaying pronouns) 

The projected timeline for the completion of Phase One is January 2023.  

Future Phases

Phase two of this initiative will involve: 

  • disambiguating sex and gender  
  • adding gender identity as a field within a select number of systems 

Phase three of this initiative will include updating additional systems.