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Letter from Director

Dear Friends, Partners, and Neighbors,

As the Senior Executive Director of the Office of Neighborhood and Community Relations at Northwestern University, I am continually inspired by the profound impact of university-community engagement. At the core of our shared journey with the City of Evanston lies a fundamental truth: our destinies are intertwined. Northwestern needs a thriving Evanston to continue leading in research and education, while Evanston benefits immensely from the university’s innovation, resources, and community commitment. Together, we embody a dynamic ecosystem where knowledge, culture, and community spirit flourish.

Over the years, we have made significant strides in strengthening our bonds and fostering a collaborative environment where ideas thrive and transformative initiatives take root. Our joint endeavors in education and youth development, economic development, and health and public safety have enhanced our community’s quality of life and set a standard for university-city collaborations.

In reaffirming our commitment, we have refined our focus to three pivotal areas: Education, Economic and Community Development, and Health and Well-being. These pillars underscore our dedication to empowering our community, from enhancing educational opportunities at all levels and stimulating local economic growth to promoting comprehensive health and sustainable environmental practices. Each focus area is designed to strengthen both our university and the broader Evanston community.

As we reflect on our progress, we must also look forward with purpose and determination. Our commitment to Evanston is unwavering, and we take pride in the milestones we have achieved together. Yet, the journey continues, and there is much more we can accomplish side by side.

I call upon our academic community and the broader Evanston community to renew our pledge to each other. Let’s continue to engage, innovate, and invest in our shared future. Together, we can overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and ensure that Northwestern and Evanston not only thrive but also set new benchmarks for excellence and community partnership.

We are poised for a future filled with possibilities and achievements. Join us in this exciting journey, as we craft a legacy of enduring impact and mutual prosperity.

Warm regards,

Dave Davis

Dave Davis
Senior Executive Director of Neighborhood and Community Relations Northwestern University