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Frequently Asked Questions

To register for a training course, navigate to the myHR Learn portal.

Who can edit the online catalog?

Only authorized deans, faculty and staff may make edits to the content of the online catalog in CAT. To request or update access for editors and approvers, please email

How do I edit or know what pages I need to edit?

All authorized users are designated specific roles and permissions to edit certain pages. Please refer to our course catalog resource folder for the CAT User Guide, list of users/roles, page owners & workflow, and additional resources.

When can I get trained to use the catalog?

View and sign up for upcoming Online Academic Catalog trainings (new users) through myHR.

How can I get additional editing help?

If you have already completed the new user training, but would like additional assistance, please sign up for a Catalog Editing Workshop through myHR.

Where do the courses listed in the catalog originate from?

Northwestern's active courses are maintained in the CAESAR student records system. A nightly data feed will update the catalog environment with any course changes. Course changes must be approved by your school's curricular body, and then submitted through the New Course and Course Revision Form managed by the Office of the Registrar.

I can't find a specific course and major in the catalog, is there a glossary I can access?

The catalog has a native search engine. Simply search for courses, departments, subjects, etc. in the “Search This Site” box in the top right corner of the catalog website.

Are class descriptions listed in the catalog?

No, the catalog is published yearly and only lists course level descriptions. Descriptions for term and instructor specific class offerings can be found in CAESAR.

Can we print the catalog?

Yes, users can access a Print Menu in the catalog and decide to print the entire catalog or specific sections.

Will last year's catalog or earlier years be made available?

Beginning with the 2018-19 catalog, all catalogs will be archived in PDF and HTML formats. Archives from previous years are available on the Office of the Registrar website.