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Northwestern University

Department Lockups

Department lockup construction. 

Our vertical and horizontal lockups allow for school names and departments to be featured in a single lockup. In addition, when a department is creating materials for an internal audience, a lockup excluding the school name may be used.

Department (and institutes that are a part of an individual school) lockups use both upper and lower case letters, unlike school lockups, where each letter is capitalized.

Department Vertical Lockup

Vertical department lockup


Department Horizontal Lockup

Horizontal department lockup

Both horizontal and vertical  templates are available. If you would like to create a lockup for your unit, please contact Dana Langtiw with any inquiries.

Additional usage guidelines

  • Clear space and minimum size guidelines apply to all brand lockups. 
  • Akkurat is the approved brand font for brand lockups.  
  • Approved lockup colors: Northwestern Purple/ Cool Gray 10 C (40 30 20 66), white, and black.
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