Transportation News

LaSalle Street Station Stop – Temporary Relocation Beginning February 18

As a result of a road hazard on LaSalle Street, effective Wednesday, February 18, the Randolph/LaSalle Train Station Shuttle morning pick-up location at LaSalle Street Station will be temporarily relocated to the afternoon drop-off location at Financial Place & Congress Parkway. This will be in effect until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have questions, please email or

Increased Intercampus Service Begins January 5

We are pleased to announce that we have added two additional roundtrips to our Intercampus evening service.  This supplementary service began January 5 and will continue until March 20, when spring break begins. Please note:

  • The additional Evanston to Chicago runs will depart Ryan Field at 4:55 pm and 5:40 pm.
  • The additional Chicago to Evanston runs will depart the Ward Building at 4:40 pm and 6:05 pm.
  • See our online brochure or timetables (Evanston to Chicago and Chicago to Evanston) for the complete schedule.

As Intercampus riders know, the evening runs are the most crowded and ridership increases during the winter. These supplemental runs will help alleviate crowding during the busiest time and worst weather.

Relocation of Grove/YMCA Stop on Ryan Field Route

Due to a request from the YMCA, the Grove/YMCA shuttle stop on the Ryan Field route has been permanently relocated a half block east to 960 Grove St. Please note:

  • The Grove/YMCA stop will no longer be used to pick up or drop off passengers.
  • FM installed a new sign at 960 Grove. The Grove/YMCA sign will remain in place for now; it has been modified to direct riders to 960 Grove.
  • This change is effective immediately. It does not affect any other shuttle stops, and the Ryan Field schedule remains the same.
  • The Ryan Field online brochure,, and have all been updated to reflect the new stop.