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Traveling with Children on NU Shuttles

The NU shuttle system is intended to transport faculty, staff, and students, and our highest priority is to ensure passenger safety on every trip. Due to space constraints and safety concerns, we discourage use of the shuttles to transport children, but we understand it may be necessary on occasion. We encourage parents to be considerate of other riders and adhere to these rules when traveling with children:

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult with a valid ID/shuttle pass. The adult must remain with the child for the duration of the trip.
  • Children must remain seated for the duration of the trip.
  • All strollers must be folded before boarding the bus and strollers must be kept clear of aisles, doorways, and emergency exits. Strollers may not be placed on the bus dashboard.
  • Large strollers are prohibited during commuting hours due to crowding. Before 9:30 am and between 4:00-6:30 pm, only compactly folded strollers (e.g., umbrella strollers) are allowed.
  • Priority seating areas are intended for seniors and customers with disabilities. If these seats are not in use, the area may be used for riders traveling with strollers. Please yield this space if a senior or a customer with disabilities wishes to board.

New app offers improved shuttle tracking

University Services has launched a beta version of a new bus tracking application for Northwestern University shuttle riders.  The system, called DoubleMap, delivers real-time information via GPS tracking.  DoubleMap shows the location of the shuttles on each route and provides estimated wait times for shuttle stops. The beta version is live and available for use immediately at DoubleMap also offers free apps for Android and iPhone as well as a mobile version of the web app for use on other mobile devices.

Please note: GPS trackers are installed in the 11 buses that are regularly assigned to NU’s shuttle system. Free Enterprise Systems (the motorcoach company that owns and operates the buses on NU’s behalf) must occasionally swap in different buses from their fleet, due to mechanical issues or other delays. Additionally, special coach buses are often used for the Frostbite shuttles. In these instances, some shuttles will not appear in DoubleMap.  Free Enterprise Systems will install additional trackers in the coming weeks to help improve DoubleMap’s accuracy.

How to access DoubleMap:

The app displays only the routes currently in service. For complete shuttle routes and schedules, visit