Intercampus Shuttle

The Intercampus shuttle provides service between Evanston and Chicago campuses.

The mission of this shuttle is to transport faculty, staff and students between campuses while on University business. Its primary mission is not intended as a way to commute to work or school; however, as a secondary benefit when capacity exists, we make every effort to accommodate others within the framework of its original mission and budget restrictions. Valid WildCARDs are required to ride the shuttle at all times.

2015-2016 Schedule

(effective September 8, 2015)

Download the PDF schedule and map

Run Times

This shuttle operates year-round, Monday-Friday.

The shuttle does not run on University holidays:

  • 2015: Sept. 7, Nov. 26 & 27; Dec. 24, 25, 31
  • 2016: Jan. 1; Jan. 18; May 30; July 4; Sept. 5

Valid WildCARD or Guest Wristband Required

This shuttle is a free service for University Students, Faculty and Staff, with presentation of a valid WildCARD or Guest Wristband. Expired WildCARDs will not be accepted.
If your WildCARD is expired, you have two options:

  1. You do not ride the bus, and the bus driver returns the expired card. You take the card to the nearest WildCARD office to obtain a free replacement (assuming you are eligible).
  2. You can ride the bus one-way, but the driver will confiscate the expired card.
    It will not be returned to you. You must then go to the nearest WildCARD office and pay a fee for a new card (assuming you are eligible).

Shuttle Guest Wristbands

Guest Wristbands are available for Northwestern University business guests to ride the Intercampus Shuttle during non-commuting hours.

  • Wristbands are intended for guests of NU faculty and staff visiting campus on official university business.
  • Guests will only be allowed to ride the Intercampus Shuttle between 9:30 am – 4:00 pm and after 6:30 pm. 
  • Up to 10 wristbands may be requested at a time and charged to a chart string.
  • Each wristband costs $2.

Please note: Department letters will no longer be accepted to ride the Intercampus Shuttle; wristbands must be used. To submit your wristband request to University Services electronically, download the Shuttle Wristband Request Form (pdf). If this wristband will not meet your needs, please contact us at
or call 312-503-8129.

Large Groups on the Shuttles

If you need to travel with a group of six or more people at a time on one of the shuttles, please contact Shuttle Services at 3-4147 or Due to shuttle capacity issues, we encourage the use of alternative transportation for large groups. We serve the entire campus community and our routes are based on average ridership levels. Shuttle services also offers charter services for a fee.

Route Stops

Chicago to Evanston

  • Ward Building
  • Sheridan/Loyola
  • Chicago/Kedzie
  • Chicago/Lee
  • Chicago/Davis
  • Weber Arch
  • Jacobs Center
  • Tech Institute
  • Patten Gym
  • Central L Station (westbound)
  • Central/Jackson (westbound)
  • Ryan Field
Evanston to Chicago
  • Ryan Field
  • Central/Jackson (eastbound)
  • Central L Station (eastbound)
  • Noyes L Station
  • Ridge/Civic Center
  • Ridge/Reserve Apartments
  • Emerson/Maple
  • Sherman/Emerson
  • Sherman/Foster
  • Sherman/Gaffield
  • Sheridan/Noyes
  • Sheridan/Foster
  • Chicago/Sheridan
  • Chicago/Grove
  • Chicago/Greenleaf
  • Chicago/Main
  • Sheridan/Loyola
  • Ward Building

Google Map

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Additional Information

  • All schedules times are approximate. Timetables and other information on this page are subject to change. University Services makes every effort to post an accurate schedule; however, travel times may change as a result of summer festivities and traffic conditions including road construction and inclement weather. Please allow for extra travel time during these instances.
  • All shuttles are wheelchair-accessible and registered service animals are permitted.
  • Please note that lab chemicals and lab equipment containing chemicals
    (e.g. vials, beakers, etc.) are not permitted on the NU shuttles.
  • Free Enterprise buses are used for this route.
  • The Lost and Found number is 708-474-7474.
  • Service updates can be obtained by calling 847-467-5284.


Chicago to Evanston times
Evanston to Chicago times

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  • Operates Monday-Friday
  • Operates year-round except on University holidays
  • Valid WildCARD or Guest Wristband required
  • Service Updates:
  • Lost and Found:
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