Shuttle Etiquette Guidelines

  1. Have the required ID or shuttle credential ready when boarding the shuttle bus. This ensures that the shuttle will remain on schedule and not delay fellow passengers. Drivers are instructed to be firm on the ID policy.
  2. Allow passengers to exit before boarding the bus. If you stand to the left of the door, passengers can disembark to the right, and it will reduce boarding time.
  3. When capacity reaches standing room, move toward the back of the bus for others to get on. For safety reasons, stay behind the yellow line and avoid standing or sitting in the stairwells.
  4. No open food or drink, littering or smoking allowed on the bus.
  5. In accordance with Illinois Vehicle Code, drivers will not allow passenger to board and disembark the bus unless it is at an established stop.
  6. If you have a negative comment about your shuttle experience, please share it with Transportation Services and not directly with the driver.  Some comments can make it stressful for the driver. With safety in mind, any feedback is better shared when the driver is not driving on a route. Contact Transportation Services at, 312-503-8129, or leave feedback on the Online Comment Card.
  7. Please check for all personal possessions before disembarking the vehicle.
  8. Keep your volume down as not everyone shares your interest in music or conversation.