Student Permits

See Permit Rates for fees.

Parking on campus is very limited. Students are encouraged to walk, bike or take public transportation rather than bring a car to campus.

Students requesting a parking exemption for medical reasons must possess valid handicapped registration. Students with handicapped license plates or placards must purchase a main campus parking permit. 


Students with senior standing or above who live on campus are eligible for parking permits. All graduate and commuting students who live outside of the walking zone are also eligible. Chicago campus students are eligible if they have Evanston campus classes during enforcement hours (subject to verification by class schedule).

Persons who are not eligible for main campus permits include:

  • All freshman, sophomores and juniors who reside on campus.
  • All students with non-appealable, unpaid violation assessments.
  • Students living in non-university housing within the designated walking zone

Permit types

  • Commuter (C)
    Available to all eligible commuting students living outside of the walking zone.
  • Commuter Car Pool (CP)
    Available to all eligible commuting students living outside of the walking zone who are in a car pool or for those with multiple cars. Only two vehicles may be registered with a CP permit, and only one may park on campus at a time.  The car pool hang tag must be displayed in the vehicle that is parking on campus.
  • Resident (R)
    Available to eligible students living on campus with senior or above class standing. Any student who maintains a campus address is considered a resident for parking purposes.
  • Ryan Field (D)
    Available to all eligible students for reduced cost parking at the football stadium. A free shuttle is provided. See the "Ryan Field Permits" section of this web site for more information.  Student athletes interested in Ryan Field Athletic Department parking should contact the Athletic Department, and see the "Ryan Field Permits" section of this web site for additional information.
  • Motorcycle (M)
    Available to all eligible students with a registered motorcycle. Required for all motorcycles over 150 cc’s. There is no charge for a motorcycle permit provided the student has purchased an annual main campus parking permit. Both vehicle and motorcycle may not be parked on campus simultaneously.

How to obtain

Permits must be purchased in person at the Parking Services Office. Students must be registered for classes prior to purchasing a parking permit. Students are required to present a valid Wildcard, driver’s license, vehicle registration* and current housing contract, lease, or other acceptable proof of local address*. All must complete a Student Parking Permit Application (pdf).

Students who provide false information are subject to referral to Student Affairs, loss of any future permit privileges, forfeiture of permit fee and may be subject to criminal charges. An additional fine may be assessed for a fraudulently obtained permit.

Parking Services reserves the right to request additional documentation to verify address, affiliation, vehicle registration or any other information. Parking Services has the authority to deny or revoke parking privileges.

(* Not required for Ryan Field "D" permits.)