Faculty & Staff Permits

See Permit Rates for fees.


All current Evanston campus faculty and staff who live outside of the walking zone are eligible for annual main campus parking permits. Faculty and staff with non-appealable, unpaid assessments are not eligible.

Chicago campus faculty and staff may purchase an Evanston campus permit with a letter of authorization from their department verifying official extended business on the Evanston campus. Payroll deduction is not available for Chicago campus faculty and staff.

Emeritus faculty may be eligible for a no charge permit.  Please contact the Parking Office for information.

Permit types 

  • Faculty/Staff (F)
    Available to all eligible faculty/staff members.
  • Faculty/Staff car pool and multi-car (FP)
    Available to all eligible faculty/staff members in a car pool or for those with multiple cars. Only two vehicles may be registered with an FP permit, and only one may park on campus at a time.  The car pool hang tag must be displayed in the vehicle that is parking on campus.
  • Facilities Management (FM)
    Available to all eligible Facilities Management trades staff (includes FM car pool). 
  • Ryan Field (D)
    Available to all eligible faculty/staff members for reduced cost parking at the football stadium. A free shuttle is provided. See Ryan Field Permits for more information. 
  • Motorcycle (M)
    Available to all faculty/staff with a registered motorcycle. Required for all motorcycles over 150 cc’s. There is no charge for a motorcycle permit provided the faculty/staff member has purchased an annual main campus parking permit. Both vehicle and motorcycle may not be parked on campus simultaneously.


Annual faculty and staff parking permits -- not including Ryan Field permits -- are paid via pretax payroll deduction. Daily, monthly, quarterly and Ryan Field permits may be paid via cash, check or credit card (Visa/MasterCard/American Express) and are not eligible for pretax deduction.

How to obtain 

Permits must be purchased in person at the Parking Services Office. All are required to present a valid Wildcard and driver's license and fill out the Faculty and Staff Permit Application (pdf)

Parking Services reserves the right to request additional documentation to verify address, affiliation and vehicle registration. All information is subject to verification. Parking Services has the authority to deny or revoke parking privileges.