Contractor & Vendor Permits

Type of Permit

  • Contractor: Issued to limited authorized construction trade superintendents working on campus but not working in a designated construction zone.  Limited to one permit per project.  Contractor permits are valid in most faculty/staff lots.
  • Contractor Lot: Issued to authorized construction trade contractors working on campus in designated capital project construction zones. Permit allows parking in designated contractor lots only.
  • Service/Vendor: Issued to service technicians, vendors and permanent annual contractors at the monthly or daily rate. Allows monthly rate short term (two hour/no re-entry) parking in Faculty/Staff (purple) lots, monthly rate all day parking in Non-University Staff (silver) lots or daily rate parking in Visitor (yellow) lots, unless otherwise posted. Non-refundable.  Service/Vendor permits do not allow parking in the North or South Parking Garage (daily rate parking only in these garages).

How to obtain

Contractor and Contractor Lot permits require a signed letter of authorization from the Facilities Management department. Permits are available at the Parking Services Office upon receipt of the authorization letter.  Service and vendor permits are available for the daily (visitor), monthly or quarterly rate at the Parking Services Office.

Storage of vehicles, supplies, trailers, construction equipment, etc. by contractors in parking lots is prohibited.  Overnight parking of contractor vehicles is prohibited.