Cascade Upgrade 7.6

From Hannon Hill

Stale Content Dashboard

The Stale Content dashboard helps users identify and take action on stale content and manage their content reviews. The stale content dashboard is a feature that allows individual users to define what content should be considered stale or up for review by using the filters in the Stale Content tab. You can filter content by the last time the content was updated or by the Review Date metadata field. 

Only pages and files are considered when listing stale content. The assets listed are also subject to permissions checks; users can only view assets for which they have write permissions (you can find more information about setting up review dates in the Needs Review section).

 Cascade Server Upgrade 7.4.1 Dashboard

Stale Content Options

You can send extend review dates for assets and also send messages to other CMS users from the stale content dashboard.

The global dashboard for the CMS has also been upgraded in the Cascade Server 7.4.1 to include a drafts panel and "Needs Review" and "Last Updated" tabs for stale content.

Drafts Tab

With the 7.4.1 upgrades, any asset (including but not limited to pages and blocks) that you are working on is automatically saved as draft so that you do not lose your work. Whenever you are editing an asset your working-draft is automatically saved in the CMS and is accessible to you on the dashboard under "Drafts" tab.

"Needs Review" Graph

Pages that have  "Review Date(s)" - an attribute you can add to any asset in the CMS- are tallied up and displayed on dashboard. You can go to the list of assets by clicking on the the graph. 

Here is how you could add review date to any asset.


  1. First locate the asset from your site folder navigator
  2. Once you have the asset open, click on "Edit"
  3. From the top navigation menu click on "Metadata"
  4. Enter a review date for your asset using the date picker

"Last Updated" Graph

Unlike the "Needs Review" graph, the "Last Updated" graph displays all "Stale" and "Fresh" content you have on your site. The threshold for freshness can be adjusted based on your preferences by clicking on the "Last Updated" link on top of the "Last Updated" graph and entering the number of dates for pages to be considered stale (the Cascade Server default for stale content is 120 days).

Page/Folder level Updates

Here are some of the upgrades for working with web pages in the CMS (some of the upgrades are also applicable to other assets such as blocks)

  • Auto-saving drafts

With the new 7.4.1 version of the CMS, any asset that you are working on is automatically saved as draft so that you do not lose your work. You can get to your drafts from the "Drafts" tab on your dashboard.

  • Fixed Buttons and Submit Dialogs

The buttons used to submit assets, save or discard drafts or cancel editing, and the "Advanced Options" section are now fixed to the bottom of the screen and always reachable.

  • Drag and drop files and folders

You can now move pages and folders by dragging and dropping them via the left hand file tree. When the asset is dropped, the Move/Rename dialog box is pre-populated with the destination already selected. (The "Unpublish content" will still be checked by default.) 


Double check what you are actually moving. While dragging an asset, if you hover over the folder, it will expand to show you the folder contents. Don’t move folders with a lot of files (more than 100 items) contact us instead and we will help you break up the folder into smaller sections.

  • WYSIWYG Editor Upgrade

The embed media option on the text editor have been updated to include an option to add YouTube videos

  • Other CMS Features

For a complete list of new features, see the Cascade Server release notes for version 7.4 and version 7.6