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Student Advisory Board for Study Abroad


The Student Advisory Board for Study Abroad was founded in January 2014 as a joint venture between the Northwestern University Study Abroad Office, the Northwestern Associated Student Government, and Northwestern University undergraduate students. Board members include a balanced cross section of competitively selected Northwestern University undergraduate students with varied backgrounds, talents, and expertise, and two Study Abroad Office staff members. They meet throughout the year to support and create recommendations for the Study Abroad Office and to improve students' access to and knowledge of education abroad at Northwestern.


The mission of the Study Abroad Advisory Board is to advise and support the Study Abroad Office by utilizing the experience and expertise of the board members to develop resources, strategies, and programs to advance study abroad at Northwestern.

Advisory Board Objectives

 Collaborate with the Study Abroad Office to:

  • Provide constant feedback to the Study Abroad Office and affiliated units
  • Engage diverse student populations and build exposure around programs, staff, and services that can help students through the process
  • Identify student needs related to study abroad experiences
  • Create student focused outreach
  • Assess existing and develop new pre-departure and re-entry programming, discussions, and opportunities
  • Collaborate with different units across schools to build resources tailored to specific student populations based on feedback and research
  • Discuss pertinent health and safety issues
  • Assist with outreach for and creation of the Digital Storytelling project
  • Research best practices and student preferences

Current Board Members