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International SOS

International SOS (ISOS) provides Northwestern 24/7 access to security analysts to discuss travel health and safety concerns. It also allows Northwestern Travelers to sign up for ISOS Travel Alerts. These services are free to Northwestern students and employees.

Speak to an Analyst

At any time of the day or night, a traveler (or a parent/guardian) can phone ISOS to discuss health or safety concerns in a variety of destinations, including questions regarding required or recommended travel vaccines. Call ISOS at (215) 942-8226 (Use Membership ID # 11BCAS000005)

Get E-mail Alerts

To receive regular updates from ISOS regarding a change of health or safety conditions in your destination abroad, sign up for email alerts.

  1. Go to
  2. Select Members Login (top right of the homepage) and enter Northwestern's Membership ID# (11BCAS000003).
  3. Click on "Email Alerts" in the blue box to the left side of the page; if this is your first time using ISOS, you’ll be asked to register.
  4. After registering, you'll receive an email message to verify your account. Then, return to and login with above ID#. Like before, click on "Email Alerts" in the blue box to the left side of the page, but then enter you email address in the grey box on the right to access alerts.

Remember, ISOS is NOT health insurance. Northwestern University continues to require all students (graduate and undergraduate) participating in international educational activities facilitated, sponsored, endorsed, or administered by the University (including, but not limited to study abroad programs) to obtain an international medical assistance and insurance plan through HTH Worldwide or its approved equivalent (see Study/Travel Abroad Health Insurance).