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International SOS

Northwestern encourages all undergraduate and graduate student travelers, who are studying abroad or conducting research or independent study in conjunction with their work at Northwestern, to register with International SOS, a leading travel and security services company.

This free service provides students with access to an array of health, safety, and other travel information as well as the ability to sign up for email alerts. Information entered into your Personal Travel Location will be available to International SOS and Northwestern on-call staff should you need to be located in a crisis or emergency. International SOS is both helpful during your time abroad and as you prepare for departure. 

For more information:

Step-by-step registration instructions:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on New User? Register Here
  3. Create a profile using Northwestern's group account number: 11BCAS000003
  4. After creating your profile, you will receive a message stating, "Your Personal Travel Locator profile has been successfully created. Click Here to Continue.”
  5. Click Add a New Trip
  6. Assign a name to your trip, then click on Add a Flight
  7. Enter flight details. (This is required to complete your registration for NU.) Enter your flight itinerary one trip leg at a time by clicking on Save and then Add a Flight as often as necessary.
    (Do not use the Verify button for the Flight Number; you will receive an error message if your flight was not booked by a travel agent.  Also, when entering a flight number, do not include the airline code preceding the number.)
  8. After you enter all of your departure and arrival information, click Save. You will receive a confirmation message stating that your trip segment has been added. 
  9. Log out and then log back in to ensure that your flight details saved in the My Current Trips section.
  10. Log into your Personal Travel Locator at any time to add travel itineraries and update your profile.
  11. If your flight details do not save or you have other technical difficulties, submit a detailed technical support inquiry to International SOS.

You can also view a demonstration video of this registration process.

Wallet cards

Wallet cards can be printed from the International SOS website (log in to the Member site with NU's group account number: 11BCAS000003)

Email alerts

Travelers have the option to sign up for helpful medical and/or security email alerts:

  • Medical alerts are issued when there is an unusual health risk that, in the opinion of the International SOS medical staff, may negatively impact travelers or expatriates visiting a country.
  • Security alerts are issued when International SOS security professionals have identified a security risk in a specific country.

To view or sign up for alerts, log in to the Member site using NU's group account number: 11BCAS000003.