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Subjects and disciplines

Learn about finding programs in specific subjects and disciplines.

Choosing courses

Before you choose or change your courses, identify which ones are eligible for credit transfer upon return.

Credit enrollment

Learn about credit enrollment requirements for your program, which may use the semester system.

Credit transfer

Learn about how to earn credit for courses, internships and research projects upon return.


In addition to application and pre-departure requirements, while abroad you must follow both Northwestern and program-specific requirements.

Research abroad

Many programs give students the opportunity to conduct original research or fieldwork while abroad.

Internships and service learning

An internship or service learning placement can give you another chance to engage with the local community.

Grades, GPA and transcripts 

This page covers how your study abroad work will be reflected on your transcript.

Student status issues

Depending on your student status, you may need to complete certain steps before studying abroad.