Jurisdiction of the Student Conduct System

The University shall have jurisdiction over all cases, other than those arising because of unsatisfactory academic work, that may call for discipline of a current or former student, group of students, or student organization of any school (undergraduate or graduate) arising out of conduct that occurred

  1. on University premises;
  2. at a University activity, program, function, or sponsored event;
  3. in the off-campus residence of any University student or on any street or area contiguous thereto;
  4. on premises subject to the jurisdiction of University Police, whether on or off University property; or
  5. when the conduct has a real and substantial connection to the legitimate interests of the University or members of the University community.

In addition, the conduct complained about must have occurred from the time of a student's application for admission through the actual awarding of a degree, including during the academic year, before classes begin or after classes end, during time pursuing credit away from campus (study abroad, internships, co-ops, etc.), and during times between terms of actual enrollment and even if the conduct is not discovered until after a degree is awarded.

University Police Jurisdiction

The Northwestern University Police Department (NUPD) has legal jurisdiction both on the Evanston and Chicago campuses and in areas surrounding surrounding the campuses.

In Evanston, NUPD has jurisdiction from Lake Street to the south all the way to the northern border of Evanston, and from the city's eastern edge at Lake Michigan to Asbury Ave./Green Bay Rd. to the west.