Advising and Registration

Each freshman works closely with a faculty member or professional staff adviser to determine his or her academic program in the first year. The value of these sessions with the academic adviser is greatly magnified if students have carefully considered their academic interests beforehand and have some knowledge of what Northwestern has to offer.

Students May Receive Credit For Previous Studies

Many Northwestern freshmen enter with external credit awarded through the Advanced Placement program, the International Baccalaureate program, or courses completed on a college campus not already included on their high school record. Such credits can be used to move into more advanced courses; this is often a critical component of the freshman year program. Finally, many placement tests, especially in foreign languages and chemistry, are offered online the summer prior to the beginning of freshman year. Students should take the relevant tests and use the resulting placement when thinking about the shape of their freshman year. If you have additional questions about academic advising, contact your student's specific school.

How Students Register For Classes

New students register during Wildcat Welcome after they and their advisers have agreed on a course schedule. Course descriptions are in the Undergraduate Catalog and on the Office of the Registrar's Web site .

The faculty limits enrollment in many courses to ensure effective teaching and learning. Because enrollment may be closed, students should plan backup courses for each registration. The problem is particularly acute during new student registration, when several thousand students must be registered in a single day, and the registration process may be somewhat chaotic.

In subsequent quarters students may participate in advance registration. Registration priority is given to upperclass students; priorities rotate in each class according to students' identification numbers.