Wildcat Welcome

What is Wildcat Welcome?

students meeting at wildcat welcome 2013

Wildcat Welcome is Northwestern's weeklong orientation for all new students (mandatory for both freshmen and transfer students). Wildcat Welcome discusses college transition issues, advising and course registration for your first quarter and provides an opportunity to meet your entire class. We define it as the best week of your first year at Northwestern, but we may be a bit biased!

Wildcat Welcome will be held September 11-21, 2015. Do not plan to make any other arrangements during that time period as you'll be in programming most of the time!  We will have the student schedule available in the summer. 

You can learn more about Parent and Family Orientation here.  

Your Peer Adviser Group

Peer Advisers at Wildcat Welcome

Peer Advisers (PA) are current undergraduate students that work with new students throughout the entire year. Incoming students will receive communication from their PA in July/August and will then meet them at the start of Wildcat Welcome along with the rest of the PA Group, which consists of other new students from the same school/major. Peer Advisers are an extremely valuable resource to new students during Wildcat Welcome and the entire first year. The profiles of the Peer Advisers will be posted on the New Student and Family Programs' Tumblr page throughout the summer months.