Wildcat Welcome: September 15-22, 2014

peer advisorsWildcat Welcome is Northwestern's weeklong orientation for all new students (mandatory for both freshmen and transfer students). Wildcat Welcome discusses college transition issues, advising and course registration for your first quarter and provides an opportunity to meet your entire class. We define it as the best week of your first year at Northwestern, but we may be a bit biased!

The schedule for Wildcat Welcome 2014 will be released during the summer months.

What You Can Expect During Wildcat Welcome

Move-in Day

Move-in Day for new students will occur on Monday, September 15, 2014. You will see crowds of current NU students ready and willing to help you move those boxes to your new room!

Living Off-Campus

If you are Living Off-Campus for your first year at Northwestern, you will have a mandatory meeting on Monday, September 15 (time: TBA).

Academic Advising and Class Registration

During Wildcat Welcome, you will meet with your academic advisor and also register for classes. Unlike your friends at other institutions, you will not need to worry about class selection during the summer, it will all happen during Wildcat Welcome! Faculty and Peer Advisers work together to advise you on the best course load based on your academic school and major. Don't worry, you will have time to get your books from the campus bookstore the day before classes begin; many courses do not require the book for the first session so you may have a bit of time to order online.

College Transition Discussions

Also known as Essential NUs (ENUs), these informative and engaging programs to help you make a successful transition to Northwestern University. Topics include diversity, alcohol and drugs, campus safety, academic integrity and social responsibility. Click here for more information on completing the summer ENUs.

Learning from Your Peer Adviser

These current  students have been trained and know what to expect during your first year at Northwestern.They are an extremely valuable resource and are available for you to ask questions, share concerns and seek guidance. View the Peer Adviser profiles on the New Student and Family Programs Tumblr page.

Making Friends

Whether you're coming from another country or  just a few houses away in Evanston,  making friends is a priority for nearly all new students who come to Northwestern--especially since most of your high school friends have been in college for almost a month. Through PA groups, mingling in the residence halls and social events, Wildcat Welcome gives you a multitude of opportunities to meet other students and make new friends.

Parent and Family Orientation

Parents and family members go through a transition when you go to college, too. While new students are getting settled into their residence halls, we offer parents and family members informational sessions and a resource fair. Visit our Parent and Family Orientation information.