Your Student ID Number

By now you should have received your net ID and password, necessary for setting up your Northwestern e-mail account and accessing CAESAR, where you will find your student ID number. After logging in, click on the left-side link titled "View My Student ID." Your student ID is a 7 numbers long.

You can find your student ID number by clicking on the

Getting Your WildCARD

Your student ID number will also be on your WildCARD, which you'll receive once you arrive on campus in the fall (during a predesignated time found here). The WildCARD office is located in the Norris Student Center, on the underground level. For a complete rundown of all WildCARD services, visit the WildCARD office's Web site.

Banking with your WildCARD

If you choose to set up an account with U.S. Bank, you have the option of turning your WildCARD into your ATM/debit card.  Visit the WildCARD office's Web site for more information.

Other Banking Options

Evanston banks welcome student accounts. ATMs are available at Norris University Center, the Henry Crown Sports Pavilion and Norris Aquatic Center, the Technological Institute, the Pancoe-ENH Life Sciences Pavilion, the Donald P. Jacobs Center, and on University Place near Scott Hall.

U.S. Bank provides the most access to students on Northwestern’s campus, and students can link their WildCARD to U.S. Bank checking and savings accounts.  There are, however, other accessible local and national banks in the downtown Evanston area.

Banks/ATMs close to Northwestern are shown on the map below:

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