The Japanese placement exam is offered only during Wildcat Welcome. Even if you took the AP Japanese exam, those who expect to continue their study of Japanese at Northwestern are highly encouraged to take the placement exam.

If you have no prior knowledge of Japanese, the placement test is not required. To start your Japanese studies at Northwestern, register for the first quarter of Japanese I (JAPANESE 111-1), offered in fall quarter only.

If you already know some Hiragana/Katakana as well as some Japanese and/or believe that your proficiency may satisfy the Weinberg foreign language requirement, you must take the Japanese placement exam before registering for Japanese courses. Some students may be required to take the proficiency validation test after the placement test (The program coordinator will notify those who need the validation test.)

The placement exam has four sections: The kanji, grammar, and reading comprehension sections are taken online; the final section on short-essay writing is completed on paper. All four sections take about two hours to finish.

For further information about placement, contact Junko Sato.

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